LikePlus app- Get real likes and views on Instagram

LikePlus app- Get real likes and views on Instagram

Hello guys welcome to this article, as you know social media platform is becoming biggest part of our life, many people use social media to establish their online reputation. There are many social media platform in Internet, but as a good option people always choose Instagram.

Instagram is photo and videos sharing app, from which people share their photos and videos to their followers, but after meta launched reels on Instagram, its popularity is become more high.

So the reels bring the more craze on Instagram, and through reels, people spend time by watching entertainment reels and people also upload their content on reels and get viral and famous on Instagram.

So Instagram is a big chance to become popular overnight, and from Instagram you can full fill your dream. Many businessman request you to advertise their brand or product to run their online marketing, from which you can charge big amount of money.

But for being famous you must have good number likes on your post or reels, then it will be a chance to become viral. But its difficult to get organic likes now a days because many people posting their content on reels with good content and over billion of daily active user.

But on internet there are many tools  from which you can get likes and views but you may don’t know, most of them are fake and bot like and views, that means its a big risk of freeze your account and never get organic likes.

Because Instagram detect unusual activity, and they freeze your account. But we will provides you an application from which you can increase your likes and views organically, and from this you will get viral very soon.

So the application name is LikePlus app. From which you can get likes and views in a real way there is no chance of bot. So for know more about this application read the article till end.

What is LikePlus app?

LikePlus app is an free android application, from which you can get likes on y our post or reels. Many people are accepting this app to gain their likes, and it will make you viral from which you can get good amount of followers on your profile.

Its excellent tools designed by third-party application, and its a free of cost you don’t have to pay any money for using this app, it was tested app before it was launched. It a best solution for the user who don’t get likes and views even giving best on Instagram.

Is this app safe to use?

You are thinking that is this app safe or not then let me tell you, that this is safest third-party application ever and its legal app without collecting any information. So you can use this application with worry.

Benefits of this app.

  • You can get viral and famous from this app, because it send you real likes, that means its a chance to get viral on your post.
  • This is coin based app from which you will get likes. That means you have to collect coins to Increase likes and views.
  • You can get unlimited likes from this app, there is no limit or time from this app, you can increase more likes as much you have coins in your wallet.
  • This application is very easy to use you don’t need any professional knowledge to use.
  • You will get all natural like from this app, there is no chance of bot or drop.


To open this app, they will asked you to login, but that’s the main point here. You have to login with your fake account and do not give your real account to login, other it will ban your account and its harder to recover.

So if you don’t have fake account then, create it. But don’t do mistake, by login real account.

How to use this app?

demis ki duniya telegram link

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Step 1

At first you have to download the app, by clicking the link, which was given after conclusion.

Step 2

Then after downloading you have to Install the app and open it.

LikePlus app

Step 3

Then click on this.

LikePlus app

Step 4

And here you have to select language in English.

LikePlus app

Step 5

Next login to your account.

LikePlus app

Step 6

Then here you have  to login with your fake account, which we have told you above.

LikePlus app

Step 7

After login they will give you 10 free coins, so click on ok.

LikePlus app

Step 8

Then the interface will open like this, here you have to like other post to get coins.

LikePlus app

Step 9

Then after collecting coins, simply go on order and click on order for others.

LikePlus app

Step 10

Then here you have to type your real user id and find it.

LikePlus app

Step 11

After finding, here you have to select any one post to get likes.

LikePlus app

Step  12

Then select how much likes you want, as much your coins have.

LikePlus app

Step  13

Then after selecting, click on submit order and within a minutes you will get organic likes to your post.

LikePlus app


We hope you are able to understand the article, this app is really easy to use only you have to pay attention on article. But then also if you are facing some problem, then you can comment us in section below.

So guys now we are ending this article and we will meet you in another article soon, till now share this information to your friends and family to get likes on their account. Take care guys and bye bye.


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