Best Gadgets for Winter Season

Best Gadgets for Winter Season

Winter is near, so we have to prepare our self to face with winter, as the season change and winter arrive, its time to think about getting our home ready for winter. Hello guys welcome to this article, so today we will going to talk about, Best Gadgets for Winter Season. So stay with us in this article, because we will going to explore its features, specification and many more. So we have listed some smart gadgets, which is very helpful for you specially in winter. If you are interested to buy these gadgets, then this article only for you. Now without wasting anytime lets start this article.

Best Gadgets for Winter Season:

1. Crompton 10 L Storage Water Geyser:

Crompton 10 L Storage Water Geyser

Make your water warm with this Crompton 10 L Storage Water Geyser, this is one of the best geyser and its save your electric bills although. Its have a 1200 gm superior heating element for faster heating which achieve 45-degree Celsius temperature in 10 mins. The High-Grade Eco friendly PUF insulation ensures high heat retention and reduce your electricity bills. Its have advance 3 level safety which keeps all parameters in checks for protection against electric shocks and auto off function in case of malfunction. Its metallic body is powder-coated to build skin which keep keep the geyser rust proof. It is very helpful in keeping the water heater durable and serviceable even after years of usage. the Temperature Range is 30 to 80 DegreeC with 8 Bar Rated Pressure and its come with Metal Sheet body Material and 10L water capacity. The Power consumption is 2000 W and requirement is AC 230 V. The storage tank is made of durable Nano Poly Bond Technology that ensures excellent Corrosion Resistance and excellent Oxidation Resistance even in High Temperatures and Pressure. The storage tank is made of durable Nano Poly Bond Technology that ensures excellent Corrosion Resistance and excellent Oxidation Resistance even in High Temperatures and Pressure. Now if we talk about its price then the price of this Geyser is Rs. 5,299.

2. Glen Electric Egg Cooker:

Glen Electric Egg Cooker

It is the best gadgets for winter, it is Three in One multi Egg Boiler, it is a multipurpose appliance, that can boil stream and cooks foods quickly. Its comes with 8 slots to boils eggs as per your taste, not only eggs, you can use this gadgets for vegetables like, broccoli, corn, sweet potato and meat can also steamed too. The Time  function, let you boil your egg in just 45 min, so, you won’t have to constantly keep an eye on the progress. Built using polycarbonate material, this egg boiler’s lid is tough and durable. Also, it comes with a steam vent that allows the release of pressure. It is a nonstick heating plate which can be used to prepare fried/scrambled eggs, instant noodles, omelet etc. The egg boiler comes with a measuring cup to add the right quantity of water while boiling or steaming and also, it has a pin that is designed for poking a hole on the egg shell to avoid breaking. There is a time control Knob to set the time for boiling, steaming or cooking food. So the price of Glen Electric Egg Cooker is Rs. 1,848.

3. Silent Fan Room Heater:

Silent Fan Room Heater

This Silent Fan Room Heater keep your room warm during winter, and it consume low electricity. Its power consumption of as high as 2000 W can effectively heat up any space in a matter of minutes. The Auto revolving Heater give you smooth and uniform heat circulation in your space, ensuring that every corner of your room is heated. Through multiple temperature setting room heater comes with variable temperatures settings, offering you the flexibility to choose the desired heating. Its is Cool-touch Body even the room heater stays cools even when its in action, making its user friendly to handle. The fan also feature two heat setting of 1000 W and 2000 W, this room heater can efficiently heat the room at your required power consumption. The Multiple Temperature Settings equipped with an adjustable thermostat, and this room heater comes with variables temperature, settings, which is offering you the flexibility to choose the desired heating, allover its a value for money product for you. Now if we talk about its its price then the price of the Room Heater is Rs. 999.

4. Heater Rod Water:

Heater Rod Water

If you are scared to bath in winter then you can warm your water with this Heater Rod Water. This is best product to boil your water, its a Super fast heating water. It will heat your water only in 10 minutes, without getting shock. Its built using copper material, and you can heat water for your daily bath and other chores with this immersion rod. This Rod will not get damaged because its waterproof heater. The power consumption is 1500 W, so it will save your electricity also. This product price in the market is 449 Rupees.


So, guys this some Best Gadgets for Winter Season, we hope you like this article and if you like this article then you can comment us in a section below. Now we are going to end this article and will be right back soon in another article, till now share this article, to your friends and family, so have a good day and bye bye guys.

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